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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Life of Py : Girl Py Debut


Girl Py or Python Girl is an anthropomorphic character of Python programming language. The original purpose of this character is to promote PyCon Taiwan.
Most tools used to create Girl Py are python related.
The main tool is Blender with freestyle, which is no doubt a python related 3d rendering and modeling tools.
The body of the character is created using Makehuman. Makehuman contains a lot of Python code, in fact, the version I used is the pure python branch. Makehuman is designed for modeling realistic human bodies instead of manga style ones. Fotunately, makehuman support customized skin and target. I made a manga skin and manga target for it. The result of first draft looks like the following.
The hair color is actually black, but the light was too strong, so it looks very pink.
The face generated by my manga target is kind of ugly and scary, but does not look that bad with smooth modifer.
After playing with makehuman and blender awhile, I was getting more familier with these tools and improve the target a bit.
It looks less scary and more smooth now but still ugly.
After adding some manga style material, it looks like the following
Still not good. Because of the time constraint, I decided to model the face by blender directly instead. Using the models list at the end of the video as reference and inspiration, the result is the following:
It looks like this in Blender's opengl view
The python code featured in the video is PyLottery of PyCon Taiwan 2012, which generates an animated snake to fetch random lottery balls.
Other software used in this project are OpenShot and gimp, all python related.
The next image is the credit at the end of the video

PyCon Taiwan 2013 is Calling for proposals, you are welcome to submit your proposals.

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